1) They look like angels when they’re asleep.

2) They melt you with their cuteness.

3) They make you laugh without much effort.

4) They magically make you forget your problems.

5) You would love holding conversations with them because their replies never fail to amaze you.


1) They are like Ben 10; They become monsters sometimes.

2) They pick up bad habits/language very quickly, especially from the other bad kids.

3) They always want to win.

4) They make a lot of noise.

5) They take afternoon naps and won’t go to bed at night. (Which is why I don’t encourage parents to let their kids take nap unless they are really obedient, but Ma said that kids have to take nap so that they will grow taller. I wish I had taken more naps when I was younger. Nanny always made me take naps though, it’s just that sometimes I pretend to sleep.)

6) They ask 60 questions in a minute; You can never enjoy your television programs.

7) You lose alllllllll your “me time”.

8) They wet the bed.


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