Hey hi. Hi ho. Holy shit.

I think Ma’s upset because she thinks that I am an irresponsible student who doesn’t go to class. But I can’t help falling back to sleep after I woke up to tweet “fucking bad dream”. HAHAHA

So I missed lecture today. Heard that the lecturer was being all bitchy, as always.

Don’t feel like going home after school today, which I have no idea why. So I went to cut my hair because I have nothing to do, and I feel like it cause my hair was really messy.

In fact, I feel like cutting my hair everyday.

As much as I said I want to grow my hair, I cut it shorter and shorter.

& I feel like spending money today. But I can’t buy apparels because I’ll feel guilty. So I bought junks. Funny how I’m okay with spending money on junks.


Yes, dreamcatcher again.

Watermelon stationery pouch.

I’m starting to hate my hair again. WLW.


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