Project meeting on a PH. It wasn’t that bad until, um, yea.

Anyway, Queenstown is the last place in Singapore that I want to live in. I think it’s pretty creepy and deserted with lots of abandoned buildings.

Today was pretty much exciting because we kept shifting from places to places because they are closing down one by one in the night.

Finished work at 12 plus and I took the best cab ever because this cab  driver really amused me with all the facts. People impress me when they tell me interesting facts that I don’t know.

CD: How long have you been living in BP?

Me: Since 2005. 6 years.

CD: Let me ask you. What is the meaning of Senja?

Me: HMMMMM. Idk.

CD: AHHH. Dk right. It means evening. The street names in BP are named in relation to day or weather. Ask me. What else? Segar. You know what it means?

Me: Morning?

CD: NO. It means fresh. You see, it describes a morning. Fresh. What else?

Me: Jelapang.

CD: Ah, this one I don’t know.

Me: HAHAHA. Fajar.

CD: It means morning. Petir means lightning.

He told me a lot. Siglap is known as the opera district. Something like that. Because street names were named in relation to orchestra stuff. Then there’s a road name Raja Wali, it means Kingfisher. And in Jurong, places were named after birds. This explains why it’s called Jurong Bird Park. RIGHT!

CD: The other day I saw a street named Jalan Hari Raya. Shock you know. There every day Hari Raya.

Me: HAHAHA really? Every day Hari Raya?

CD: YAH. Shock ah when I saw. Jalan Hari Raya.

He told me a lot of funny stuff as well but I can’t say it.

Since I don’t feel like sleeping yet, I’ll type what I know about him.

He is a mixed whose father is a Malay and Mother is a Chinese Hokkien. He can’t really speak Mandarin but he can understand. He had dinner at his sister’s place in Pasir Ris and he drove his mother to Henderson before fetching a Chinese girl from Orchard to Jurong. I was the customer after that Chinese girl. He lives in Holland. Now you know how much of a busybody I am, to dig out this much info. HAHAHA. Okay bye.


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