A few weeks back, I came home from work to find my uncle and aunt over at my house. It has been ages since I last saw them and I’ve never spoken much to them. But that night, I was enthusiastically keeping the conversations with them. I guess, I realised how much I miss them. I didn’t know that I would ever miss them.

After they left, I was determined to drop by their place soon. And I realised that I haven’t been taking the initiative to visit my godparents and my nanny and all. I have been spending most of my time with friends.

The other day before Soul, RT spent the whole afternoon with her cousin, which made me realised that I’ve never gone out with my cousins with the adults before. Tell me that I’ve been missing out a lot in life.

But I don’t just say it, I act. So all of us had dinner together tonight and it was really pleasant. Went over to their place after dinner just like the old days. (: I got to know that cousins would like to go for karaoke but weren’t allowed to; I know what to do with my next pay already. :D HEHEHE

& I shall drop by Nanny’s place soon. I’ve already bought dog’s snacks for Faye. I miss smelly Faye. & I really hope that she can pull through. She’s getting really old, which makes me sad. I like how there was once when Faye slept beside me when we took our afternoon naps.

They have been doing very much for me but I don’t see myself doing anything for them, which makes me really really embarrassed and I want to cry.

Life’s really good. You know, the happier you are, the more afraid you’ll be. I really fear for the day when they start leaving me one by one. I don’t think I will ever be ready for that kind of thing.

& I hope Gong gong is doing well. I feel really bad because when he was around, I didn’t really liked him. He was strict and all and I didn’t that. Thinking back now, he was teaching me manners. I didn’t have much memories with him and I remember sulking when mother made me take photographs with him. I was for god sake sulking in those pictures. I feel like stabbing myself right now. Damn, I’m tearing already.

I’m going to sound very cliche and I don’t like it. So I am going to make it less cliche for you. Moral of the story: CHerish loh. Cherish what cherish who you know lah hoh?



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