8 OCT 2011. 4 months after I crossed out one to-do off my bucket list for the first time, I am crossing out the second to-do, that is, to attend POP. (:

I HAD FUN! So did Jas! THey were so cute when they marched out, like little ants. And when they came out the second time, they were like cute little bouncing ants. I love the roar. And I love the moment when they threw their caps; it touched me a little bit. I swear I could tear as if my son was there.

& their smell is legendary. HAHAHA.

Okay, I smell like curry prawns after jog as well. What I mean is, no one smells good after perspiration. So, salute the soldiers and say, “Thank you for your hard work.”







I was pretty excited to take a picture of someone on the stretcher, like every one else. HAHAHAH

OH, how I miss band.












It’s Cal’s POP by the way.

& Jas came for a (last minute) stayover the night before for this POP. HEHEH. I love stayovers. If only my room has got a TV, it would be perfect. Or maybe a fridge as well.

Anyway, lemme show you what I bought the other day.

HAHAHAHA CUTE RIGHT! He looks funny in any position. I tried to make him sit but his head is too heavy. Anyway, I am not someone who likes soft toys. The only exception used to be Patrick Star, but this is another exception. THis zombie surely cheers you up yea? Whenever I don’t feel too good, it makes me laugh. SO CUTE. But of course I don’t talk to soft toys lah hoh, PLEASE.

cam to gif

animated gif how to

OH,  you know, I enjoyed work the other day because there were a few really nice customers whom I talked to for quite a while. I like to talk to customers and give them advices, provided they are nice and no one pulled my hair that day. Still, I’m not sure if I’m good enough to be a sales assistant or not. But one thing I’m sure of is that, I’m sick of retail line already, as a sales assistant. I haven’t tried F&B yet. That’s the last industry I would want to go because I am afraid of hungry and angry customers. I am afraid that karma would hit me back real hard because I make most noise at a dining table rather than in the fitting room.


2 Responses to “YOOOOHOOOO!”

  1. MUZZAYE Says:

    Cute gifs :>

  2. ZacAnne Says:

    THANKS MUZZAYE! That’s because my plushie is guddamn adorable. :D

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