I’ll never eat Xing Wang’s kaya butter toast ever again. Never okay. If I ever order that in the future, please remind me that it made me nauseous for the whole morning.

I hate it when my first meal of the day is crappy. My definition of crappy meal covers three aspects – eating whatever that I don’t actually feel like eating, bad customer services like making me wait for too long or forgetting to prepare our food, food that taste bad.

After eating the toast, I feel like throwing up. I forced myself to throw up but nothing came out. Then I had a terrible stomache, probably from last night’s Asam Fish. I had runs okay.

When I reached Lot 1, I threw up. Feeling better but still awful.

Then just before I entering Fairprice, someone called out “OLIVIA!”

I knew it was my colleague. Nobody outside my workplace will call me that. I hope I did smile enough to appear friendly but I know I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t feel like smiling at all. My stomach giving my problems.

Ma wanted me to buy veg for tonight’s dinner and guess what did I buy?

BROCCOLI LOH. HAHAHA <3 & carrots.

I still feel like throwing up actually.

Okay bye.


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