As usual, I was late for class. But on Wednesday, Robby, our tutor, wasn’t in a very good mood. Edith told me that he’s shooting questions at people who were late that day.

I was contemplating as to whether to send myself to the war zone or not. I still did anyway, thinking, “It can’t be that bad.”

HOHOHO. He asked me a question and my answer was “Commercial entities.” Then he gave me a really kb reply, telling me not to impress him with fancy words and asked what are commercial entities.” So I told him “Business organizations.” HAHAHAHA I know it all means the same. Again, he asked me what that is.

I decided to change my answer to “Non-profit organizations”, which he accepted the answer.

Then he went on to ask who is the group leader in my group. Reluctantly, I raised my hand.

And the next thing I knew, he HMF. Hurt my feelings.

HE…. HE SAID, “God bless your group.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I told it was funny but then again, it’s not very polite to say that.

But that’s just his style of teaching. He feels that he can spur us to work harder with his nasty comments. But I feel that he has a great sense of humour in a way. He always give you very kb replies. I like. But not on me can.

Okay, so that was all for school.

At work, this colleague of mine asked me during our break, “Olivia, why are you always in your own world?”

HAHAHA. I didn’t reply but I just smiled. I didn’t know what to say. He’s right. Maybe 60% of the time, I’m in my own world.

That’s what my friends told me when we had a primary school gathering many years ago.

You would probably say it’s because I’m the only child. So I can get kind of quirky.


I am still a horrendous driver. I was so close to declare bankrupt when I made a turn too sharp that this MERCEDES almost knocked into my car because I cut into his lane. It was clearly my fault. Yesterday was really terrible. I kept going into the wrong lane I don’t know why. I may just die one day if I’m driving alone.


I have to wear the head gear for my braces. I thought it only happens in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. At least mine doesn’t look like the rugby helmet.

I am always brisk-walking from places to places. Obviously it shows one thing – I am always behind time. You know, I’m really tired. I’m tired of walking so fast-paced, I’m tired of rushing here and there. My legs need to rest. I think I overwork them. If you ever see me walking slowly, it only means one thing – I’m too late that I cannot be bothered to rush.

Okay, not really, occasionally, I can be way toooo early as well. I am hardly on the dot.

This is what I do nowadays when I’m at home and when I don’t feel like doing school work:

Cutting my jeans, practicing drawing on fabrics and then…


I wanted to show you the dino that I drew on my back pocket because I love it very much, but I couldn’t upload the photo. So. That’s it, for Friday.


I was stationed at the cashier counter today and this customer let her little girl sit on the counter top. I smiled to her but she was so shy that she looked away.

The next thing I knew, her Mama prompted her to call me aunty. I thought I heard it wrongly but NOPE. SHE SAID AUNTY TWICE. WLE. Some people are just plain stupid. They cannot differentiate aunty and jie jie. Basket.

Went H&M today after work because Ma wanted to take a look. I looked like crap with my uniform. I should’ve brought clothes to change.

OKAY. Tired now.

P.S: I love it when I make people smile. (:


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