7 Sept

No kidding. I can fall asleep instantly if I close my eyes now but I’m waiting for my hair to dry.

Every Wed is like that – Knock off at around 11.30pm, home at around 12, shower for half an hour, do mask, wait for hair to dry, struggling to keep myself awake.

Work was really fun.

Met this 17-year-old colleague of mine at the bus-stop. He was taking the same bus as me and he is living where I used to stay 7 years ago. He moved to that area 8 years ago.

He thought that I’m a foreigner you know. He said that my English got this accent. So sad. I kept asking if he thought that I’m a China’s Chinese.

ANYWAY, I was really happy when he thought that I am 18. HAHAHA. In fact, a lot of them think that I am 18 or they think I’m younger than 21. HEHEH.

Before I alighted the bus, he said to me, “21 years old.” Still in disbelief.

I replied with a mild smile, “Yup.”


The other day when I went to get a haircut, my hairstylist saw my coloured hair and went, “You dyed your hair.” I thought it was quite peculiar for her to say that, like, isn’t it obvious?

Then afterwards when she know that I am 21, she was like, “No wonder. I was wondering how come your school allows you to dye your hair.”

AHAHAHA. She must have thought that I’m from secondary school? AHAHAHAHA. :D

Okay. Enough boasting. It’s just my fringe that makes me look kiddy I guess. People age. But on a brighter note, our hearts doesn’t.

Forever young. *fuckyeahtumblr*


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