“If you want it, go get it. Don’t regret.”

That’s what Ma told me. So, I made my way to….. BORDERS CLEARANCE SALE! :D

HAHAHA like cheapo. But items were on 70% discount. Bought 10 books for 70 bucks. EH. NOT BAD RIGHT. In fact, I’m damn broke already. But for these cheap books, I can use the remainder of my ang pow money. So it’s okay.

I know my posts are getting boring. Anyway, this is my favorite shirt. The first on my list.

Then this is my favorite reusable bag. Actually, this is also my only one.

I bought this because it’s cute. It’s only $1.50.

I think I’m bad at choosing books when it comes to buying books from a sale; The books that I wanted are not there and yet, I forced myself to buy from what’s available. So, I chose books published by the Penguin Group. Should be safe. But of course, I read their synopsis.

I can go on showing other books I’ve bought but nope. I’m not gonna do that.

This is my new desktop picture – ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’ by Charles C. Ebbets:

I did my research and it says that they were on level 69. :O And what I like about this picture is that it reminded me of This Side of Brightness.

I don’t know why I am telling you this. Okay goodnight.

OH YAH. Let me show you something before I go off.

Photo taken by Kevin Carter. I should totally stick this picture on my wall, put it in my wallet and set this as my cellphone’s wallpaper (if I could find my cable). Here we are trying to be skinny and there they are…. Here we are whining about every single fucking thing and there they are…. I was lost for words when I saw how skeletal the hand is.

Another famous photo by him would be this (I’m sure you’ve seen it before) :

Carter killed himself after receiving the Pulitzer Prize for this photograph. I’m not sure if he did help the emaciated child though.

I can go on and on.

Sudan famine in the 90s:

I came across this photo when I was doing my research the other time. I googled ‘Sudan’ and I saw this image. He needs to crawl to move from place to place? That’s what the picture is telling me. BEcause he’s too weak to even stand.

& then, I just googled ‘Sudan famine’ and I saw this. AIYOOOO


I’m not sure how Sudan is doing now though but there are definitely people who are still suffering from famine and war. Yes.




2 Responses to ““If you want it, go get it. Don’t regret.””

  1. adorerlynn Says:

    did you see the vulture staring at the kid? it’s waiting for him to die so that it can eat it. Sad.. its really sad.

  2. ZacAnne Says:

    yes. nobody knows what happened to that child after that shot.

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