You may think it’s lame to blog about my new hairstyle but whatever. I don’t have much to blog about but I want to and here it goes:

My hair has never been this neat for a long long time already. Other than the neatness, I don’t quite like the hairstyle. Like aunty you know. And the hairdresser screwed my fringe. I called it the Aunty Fringe where they layered your fringe. You will know when you see it. But I all I can do is to side-swipe it.

The above picture was taken on the day after my haircut of course. If it’s on the second day, it wouldn’t be that neat.

Now, the day after the haircut:

So messy that I had to buy rubber bands just to bun my hair. The good thing about this hairstyle is that buns and up-dos are made easier.

I’m wearing my very first Uniqlo top by the way. It’s my uniform. Yea. I like to wear new clothes and since I haven’t been shopping in a long while, I can only wear my uniform.

Caught The Rise of The Planet of The Apes. I think that’s the title. EH, I LOVEEEEEEE IT! I love Buck. I love Caesar most. But why does Buck have to die! D:

& when Caesar drew his window on the wall of his cell, tears welled up in my eyes. SO SAD. He misses home. But I was glad that he found his real home. That’s where he should be. He’ll definitely be happier there!

OH AND I DIDN’T KNOW THAT THIS MOVIE IS STARRING JAMES FRANCO AND TOM FELTON! I LOVE FRANCO! And I was really excited to see Felton until he started ill-treating Caesar. Why like that. And who the hell will activate an electrical stick when your enemy is holding a water host. Aiyohhhh.

Whatever, I love this movie. And I love being my parents’ chauffeur. :D


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