29 Aug 2011

I can see that this workplace is tough but I’m just gonna press on.

My shift was from 1.30pm to 11.30pm on my first day of work. Hah, doubleu tee age right.

It’s okay. Money money 滚滚来 (goon goon lye). *Chik Cheng*

I’ve never been in need of money this much. Seriously.

Probably because I’m desperate to get out of this place. I don’t exactly abhor this place but I can’t explain this very strong desire to leave this place. At least for a month? That would be great! :D Or can I leave forever? I want to live in Sunset Park.

Anyway, I hate my hair. Everyday I look into the mirror and I feel like shaving my head.

Oh, & because of my shift, I missed the last episode of On The Fringe and visited xinmsn to realise that they haven’t uploaded the last episode yet. So I caught last Fri’s episode instead.

Dinner at 1.30AM while watching On The Fringe:

98% broccoli and 2% rice. HAHAHA. <3 broccoli. :D

AND YES! Do you know that my colleagues know me as Olivia? HEHEHE. All of them are calling me Olivia. Actually I don’t quite like the name already. HAHAHAHA. Yes again. I kept changing my English name. I like my Chinese name best. But since people always pronounce my name wrongly, I might as well make life easier for them.

My name is pronounce as Zi (1) Ning (2), not Zi (3) Ning (2). 曾姿宁. Tvym.

I can’t help but to think of my children’s name now. If it’s a he, he shall be called Spencer. If it’s a she, she shall be called Mathilda. I’m not sure about the Mathilda actually. Or maybe Broccoli. So sad. AHAHA. But their chinese names have to be very old-fashion. For a boy, I’ll name him 金来 Jin Lye (Direct translation is Gold Come. HAHAHA.) to assure him that he will be freaking rich when he grow up. For a girl, I’ll probably call her 美玉 Mei Yu (Beautiful Jade). HAHAHAHA. NIce right.

Okay. I shall go blow dry my hair and get some sleep. Hari Raya tomorrow (I mean later) but I have to work. BUTTTTTTT, it’s okay because………… BECAUSE?


This is a canto song by Sam Hui. It says it all. We are slaves to money for life, working like a dog and bearing all the shit from our boss. Unless, WE R DA BOSS.

Okay goodnight. It’s 3.33AM already.


2 Responses to “29 Aug 2011”

  1. rachel Says:

    meiyu is the woman is AI lei. LOL. mei yu ah yi.

  2. ZacAnne Says:

    hahahah really meh! or i can call my daughter wawa. HAHAH. I only know got wawa in Ai but I have no idea which one.

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