I didn’t pack my room today.

Ma came into my room at 1pm when I was still sleeping. She woke me up just to ask me if I’m having dinner at home tonight. ZZZZZZ. I already told her I will be having dinner at home the day before. And she just have to keep asking talking about dinner when it’s still hoursssss away.


I stop frowning when I see your face. (: HAHAHA. I love pat. But I couldn’t understand that episode cause it was in Malay. Watched it in M’sia you see.

The only picture we got that day. Banana & Fran. <3

This is what I did to feel like an art student. HAHAHA. Can you tell who they are? I know I’m pretty lousy but I had fun. (:

HAHAHAH. It’s for my room actually. I think I’ll do more touch-up on Starr’s face.

My cousin’s goldfish. There are 2 and I like to feed them when I feel hungry because I assume that they are hungry if I am. This one likes to hide in that corner. Initially I thought it was stuck. So I scooped it up. The second time, I thought it was stuck again and I did the same. The third time, I heard from Ma that that fish is always like that. So I ignored it and went on to feed them. The moment the food went in, this actor immediately swam up.

HAHAHAHA. I did the center-parting for him.

Then I thought I should button up his polo tee to make him look geeky. But I got scolded afterwards by my Ma because the weather was really warm.


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