19 Aug: Loner Chan & 20 Aug: Ah Beng Chan


19 Aug

Dental appointment at 9.15AM. (I’m an ugly duckling hoping that I’ll turn into a swan someday.)

Then off to Lot 1 to return books.

Then to shop around.

I love doing groceries shopping alone. Yes, alone.

&, I love my reusable shopping bag! Christine gave it to me.


It took me quite a while to decide between HL and Magnolia. HL cheaper. HAHAHAHA. But Magnolia taste better.

Because I ran out of conditioner and my hair has been frizzier than ever. Got offer you know. $6.70 for 350ml and $6.95 for 500ml. OF COURSE I GET THE 500ML ONE LAH.

YES, NOT AGAIN! I cannot stop buying Dvds. It’s a very very very bad habit. Yes. It has become a habit.

I figure out I should really get in touch with the world. But I have yet to read it till now. CANNOT! CZN! HAVE TO READ!

VIOLA! MY BREAKFAST! My favourite cereal is corn flakes. It has always been my favourite since young, I think.

Met Rachel and Tracy for Starbucks. I was an hour late due to massive jams. I will take the train the next time I go out during peak hours. So no excuses.

TC WENT HK ALREADY! SO GOOD! I want to travel alone soon. Yes, alone. I think I’m a loner sometimes and I didn’t mind.

20 Aug

I dressed like an ah beng today and I was pretty proud of it. I even tweeted about it and told Ma that I am an ah beng. Check out my cocky, see-what-see, ready-to-fight face.

But at the end of the day, I ain’t that cocky anymore.


I was looking on the ground as I walked but somehow, I didn’t know that there was a drain right in front AND I WALKED RIGHT INTO IT. It was those drain with knee-high depth and my right leg went all the way in. HAHAHAHA. It was so painful that I was limping a little bit. I don’t like to limp too much because I want to be tough. But going down the stairs was hell for me. I was taking baby steps. It wasn’t the scratches that hurt and it didn’t really bother me; It was the pain felt within and I was so paranoid that I told Jas that my knee cap shifted. HAHAHAHAHAHA. But of course it didn’t! HAHAHAHA. It was merely swollen. I was planning to go jogging soon because my left calf is not hurting as much already. And something has to happen to my right leg.


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